Electronics Engineering deals with physics of electronic components, manufacturing technology, electronic device and system principles and design while Telecommunication Engineering, being one of the major disciplines of Electronics Engineering, deals with the design and prediction of comunication systems or centers. From this perspective Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering is a combination of these two engineering majors.

Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Department of Corlu Engineering Faculty has begun its education in 2008-2009 autumn semester with accepting 30 students. In our department, 2 professor, 2 associate professor, 1 assistant professor and 5 research assistant, total of 10 instructors have taken part in the department. At this time averagely 400 undergraduates and averagely 6 graduate student continue their training.

Mission of the ECE department is to train individuals in a way that they become sensitive to nature and environment with society's needs, they follow the technical improvements and apply them, they are skilled at basic sciences, they can define problems and find mindful approaches to solutions, they can make research on basic and applied engineering subjects at national and international levels, they can convert the information that they produce to society's favor, they have the knowledge at national and international level with scientific energy and thinking.

With the aim of this mission ECE department is supposed to counter the needs of over 1000 high or medium density industrial plants in the region and of the whole country for searching of a qualified engineers, find scientific solutions to the problems of industrial and civil institutions in the region, present the research results and scientific potential with various events at regional, national and international levels.

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